Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elizabeth Jane "Bess" (Laws) Doyle

My great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Jane "Bess" (Laws) Doyle, was born on October 28, 1845.  If she were here, I'd wish her a happy birthday.

In this photo, there are two ladies dressed in black, sitting in rockers on the porch. Elizabeth is the lady on the right.  This photo was taken on the back porch of the Doyle farmhouse on Strawberry Hill in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, in 1903. Elizabeth would have been 58 - or possibly 57, since it looks like a summertime photo before her birthday that year.

Family records indicate that she was born in Yousin Square, England, but neither town, city, nor county are mentioned.  I've searched U.K. census records but have not been able to identify her with any certainty (though I haven't spent too much time searching this side of our family).  Family information also says that she attended a church school where she learned to read, write, do arithmetic, and sew.

My cousin Elaine, also a gggranddaughter, refers to Elizabeth as "Grandy" Doyle.

Though I don't have the original of this photo, I treasure this image.  It is wonderful fun to see several generations, including my grandfather, Gust, and his father, William (a.k.a. "Pap"), in this photo.

Happy Birthday, Grandy Elizabeth!  I love you.

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