Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrating Ellis's Birthday

When getting ready for the day this morning I was thinking about my great-great-grandfather Ellis Bickerstaff and remembering that his birthday was sometime this month. I was pleased to remember that finally I have an actual date of birth instead of a year range, thanks to documents in his Civil War Pension File. But I had forgotten what the date was. When I looked at my birthday list this afternoon it was a nice surprise to see that I hadn't missed it: today is Ellis's 172nd birthday.

The image at right came from my aunt, my mother's sister. She sent me twin photographs of this man and a woman, certainly husband and wife based not only on the poses but by the fact that they are cut and matted to match. My aunt said she didn't know who they were. It didn't take me a second to guess that it was Ellis Bickerstaff, her great- and my great-great-grandfather. The resemblance between the man in this photo and men in two other photos is hard to miss. (It's possible but very unlikely that this is not Ellis.)

Below, from left to right, are Ellis; William Nash Bickertaff, Ellis's brother; and Edward Jesse, Ellis's son. Do you see a family resemblance, too? (The middle image is unclear because it's a screenshot from the header of the Jefferson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

I'm still seeking information about Ellis's life and slowly but surely putting together the bits and pieces that tell his life's story. I have a ways to go before I can do it.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Grampa Ellis!

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